B4 Happy Hour!

The big question is – WHY are you doing what you are doing to earn a living?

Regardless of how you think about happy hour (some see it as going out with co-workers and some see it as being able to go home and check out) – either way, it’s really all the same. Some things MUST happen B4 happy hour can exist.

This show is about helping you; the entrepreneur, the C-suite officer, the manager, the team member; figure out how to negotiate day to day affairs. B4 happy hour is a BIG deal!

We interview industry experts from many different walks of life and look for ideas that will stimulate and excite anyone that is trying to stand out, to be different. Our hosts are here to provide insight as well as ensure that our listeners know the importance of enjoying their lives outside of the day to day that doesn’t seem to change. We will discuss an assortment of topics that are proven to help others. We will also discuss things that are near and dear to our hearts that make life after happy hour all that more important.

Join us for our “not so typical” business podcast.

Who We Are

All of our hosts work together. They have been a part of two very successful marketing agencies and have grown to represent a plethora of business knowledge you can’t get from just one person. Lori Hibma and Tyler Cady strive to run their businesses with a focus on providing above and beyond services for their clients and creating an environment that takes great care of their team. When your hosts are not at work you can find them enjoying the great outdoors, drinking a cold beverage, and spending time with family and friends – because let’s face it – that’s what matters!!

Our Story

Lori and Tyler know what it takes to run and market a successful business. TJ and Cody hold vast amounts of knowledge in digital marketing solutions, strategy and SEO. Sara can tell you exactly how to work with your team. The different aspects we are a part of are what is needed to make our agencies run effectively. Our contributions are all significant – and as you know it’s critical to be GREAT!

Keeping the secrets of our success to ourselves just hasn’t seemed fair. So, Lori began speaking at conferences, has been featured as a guest on multiple podcast shows, and with a little push here and a little nudge there, Lori convinced the team to spread the wealth of knowledge we had attained. We are very excited to bring you a show that will not only bring you information and advice about business practices, but also will show you that you’ve got to have room for joy in your life because your focus can’t always be on what happens only B4 Happy Hour.

Meet The Hosts

Lori Hibma

Lori Hibma

Founder and CMO

Lori is the founder and co-owner of CP Solutions, a holding company, and Virtual Marketing Director Services, a digital marketing agency.

Lori works very hard to ensure her team delivers the highest quality services to all our clients and that we all know the golden rule in business - “Don’t be boring!” After that – Lori knows what it means to find success B4 and after Happy Hour.

Tyler Cady

Tyler Cady

Owner and CEO

Tyler is co-owner of CP Solutions with Lori. He steers the ship and points everyone in the direction needed to achieve our company goals. His favorite role as captain is coaching clients on how to look at their numbers while proving ROI and business success!

Tyler is the go-to man when it comes to providing advice for our clients and making sure they understand the numbers and finances that drive their business. Like Tyler always says, “Without the money $$$ - nothing works!”

Sara McCallum

Sara McCallum

Director of Agency Services

Sara is the glue that holds it all together. Sara’s ability to relate to everyone is critical to all that we do – in all the different businesses that we own. Can we all say, indispensable?

Sara is patient and relates to everyone while still maintaining a professional attitude. She has people experience and an understanding of the “real world.” Only a genius could do this work and only someone truly grounded can make the day to day employee relationships work with the day to day struggles. It takes someone that knows where the roots are and can still fly with the wings of possibility.

TJ Hibma

TJ Hibma

Director of Client Strategies

TJ Hibma – if there isn’t a strategy and an understanding of innovation – there is nothing worth pursuing!

TJ does everything to ensure that what we do includes a strategy for success. Staying on top of updates that move companies from boring to innovative is at the forefront of his day-to-day. Talking with our clients and looking at our marketing strategies – he has the next best direction and steps for them to take. When you just don’t know where to turn next – TJ can cut to the chase, give you direction and then get it done.

Cody Dykstra

Cody Dykstra

Director of SEO Services

Cody helps you navigate the confusion that SEO brings to the forefront of your online presence. He can slice through the nonsense of the day to day technical aspects of digital marketing and ensure your success with his unique powers of genius.

Cody makes sure that our clients receive the most up to date digital marketing practices that keep their websites and online presence ranking #1! If google says it’s so, Cody knows how to do it and can walk anyone through it. Cody is your resource for everything technical!